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We’re one of the world leading providers of warehousing, storage services and sustainable, international freight handling solutions. With port-centric warehousing services from Felixstowe, we are ideally placed to handle all kinds of cargo arriving at the UK’s largest container port.
Our experienced workforce provides a range of efficient and cost-effective warehousing and storage services, as well as prompt, reliable logistics and distribution to destinations throughout the UK and mainland Europe.
Committed to maintaining high standards, we are proud to hold accreditation from Organic Farmers & Growers and the British Retail Consortium (BRC) for food grade storage and handling.
 Benefiting from a streamlined supply chain and innovative freight handling solutions, our customers enjoy significant cost savings while reducing the carbon footprint and the effect on the environment.

Based directly at the Port of Felixstowe (the UK’s largest container port) we can store your goods at port of entry and distribute them across the UK as and when required, reducing costs across the entire supply chain.

 As an alternative to inland depots and centrally located national distribution centres, we will store your shipment at the port, subsequently reducing the number of handling stages throughout the process. Your business will benefit directly from reduced lead times, reduced potential for damage, significant savings in transport costs and lower carbon emissions, making your organisation more environmentally friendly.

Not only can port-centric logistics assist with reducing costs, but it can also add certainty to delivery times as containers are unloaded, checked, stored, picked and distributed directly from the warehouse. Our state of the art Warehouse Management System ensures a smooth transition of your shipment while consignments are checked at the warehouse, reducing working hours.

We offer competitive rates for freight handling, warehousing and storage together with an experienced team who can handle your goods from start to finish – from unloading and storage to pick and pack for onward distribution throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

From single parcels to full pallets, customers using our pick and pack services benefit from more efficient supply chain solutions, reduced costs and fewer lorry miles. As soon as goods arrive at Felixstowe or Hull, they are quickly transferred to our modern, racked facility.

Goods can even be delivered direct to the final point of sale, eliminating charges for the return of empty containers to the port reducing cost, lead times and carbon footprints.

With our dedicated secure storage and access to our leading-edge warehouse management system, customers have total inventory control for calling off their delivery requirements.

 Our locations at the UK’s busiest ports makes John Good ideal for all companies importing and exporting goods and means we can offer competitive rates for storage and distribution throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

Our system interfaces seamlessly with our customers’ systems, sharing data and real-time information on products and stock levels, between manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Our food grade storage facilities include warehousing and storage for food products, beverages and ingredients that adhere to the rigorous standards required for food grade warehousing. We hold accreditation from both the BRC Global Standards (BRC) and the Organic Farmers and Growers for the handling and storage of food and drinks products and ingredients, and our stringent quality processes combined with our experienced team ensures that goods arrive at their destination in top condition.

 Our food grade storage services are flexible and we specialise in providing bespoke solutions. Having worked with some of the biggest names in the UK food importing sector, we have vast experience in providing a cost-effective, reliable and efficient food grade warehousing service.

Whatever your cargo, we provide cost-effective storage and distribution for both palletised and bulk cargoes from our warehouses located at the Port of Felixstowe, the Port of Hull and the Port of Ipswich.

 Our location means that goods arriving on container shipping services are transferred swiftly into dedicated and secure racked spaces in our warehouse. We also have dedicated bulk storage areas where we handle a variety of different products including paper reels, automotive parts and big bags. We offer a full service from unloading, palletising, storage and distribution, to pick and pack services.

We provide a host of value-added services such as decanting, labelling, repackaging and quality control and have the ability to quarantine cargo if required.